Query to Fetch Org Id Given Request ID

        ,fpv.PROFILE_OPTION_VALUE “Org Id”
       — ,fpv.application_id
 from  fnd_profile_option_values fpv
                ,fnd_application fa
                ,fnd_responsibility_tl fr
               ,fnd_concurrent_requests fcr
where fpv.profile_option_id=(select fp.profile_option_id from fnd_profile_options fp,  fnd_profile_options_tl fpt
                                where fp.PROFILE_OPTION_NAME=’ORG_ID’
                                and fp.PROFILE_OPTION_NAME=fpt.PROFILE_OPTION_NAME)
and fpv.LEVEL_VALUE_APPLICATION_ID=:p_application_id
and fr.application_id=fa.application_id
and fcr.RESPONSIBILITY_ID=fr.responsibility_id
and fpv.LEVEL_ID=10003
and fcr.REQUEST_ID=100243196
and fpv.level_value=fr.RESPONSIBILITY_ID

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