Finding Trace File

SELECT request_id, oracle_process_id trace_id, req.enable_trace trace_flag,
|| ‘/’
|| LOWER (dbnm.VALUE)
|| ‘_ora_’
|| oracle_process_id
|| ‘.trc’ trace_file,
execname.execution_file_name || execname.subroutine_name executable,
DECODE (phase_code, ‘R’, ‘Running’)
|| ‘-‘
|| DECODE (status_code, ‘R’, ‘Normal’) program_status,
ses.SID SID, ses.serial# serial_no, ses.module module
FROM fnd_concurrent_requests req,
v$session ses,
v$process proc,
v$parameter dest,
v$parameter dbnm,
fnd_concurrent_programs_vl prog,
fnd_executables execname
WHERE 1 = 1 –req.request_id = &request
AND req.oracle_process_id = proc.spid(+)
AND proc.addr = ses.paddr(+)
AND dest.NAME = ‘user_dump_dest’
AND dbnm.NAME = ‘db_name’
AND req.concurrent_program_id = prog.concurrent_program_id
AND req.program_application_id = prog.application_id
AND prog.application_id = execname.application_id
AND prog.executable_id = execname.executable_id;


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