Enabling Real Time Preview on AR Transactions Screen

The function to be added to the responsibility, if it doesn’t exist:

Bill Management: Real Preview

Once added, go to functional administrator and clear the java cache.

Navigation: Functional Administrator(R) –>Core Service(T)–>Caching Framework(F)–>Global Configuration–> Clear All Cache

If its not done, you will get the below error:

The Bill Management: Real Preview function is not available under the <Your responsibility name >responsibility.



Query to find IL taxes on AP invoices -R12

The view JAI_AP_STANDALONE_TAXES_V can be used to find taxes applied on AP Invoice Lines. It is based on JAI_CMN_DOCUMENT_TAXES table.

Sample Query:

Select * from JAI_AP_STANDALONE_TAXES_V jai where jai.source_doc_id=:invoice_id